hey, this is my first proper recording, ive been playing for about a year now.
took me around 1.5 hours in total to do.
have a listen and a crit thanks


drums sound a bit weird, best i could find nad go out of sync very occsionally, 2nd interlude doesnt sound quite right think it might be the tab im using, and guitar loses its tuning in solo for some reason :S and i finished song at solo, as after thats just get repatitius
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first off, the distortion was really noisy, i would suggest a noisegate. the playing was decent. i think the tab you were using for the tapping part was wrong, it sounded messed up at some parts. tremelo picking section was good. you seemed off beat, a little too slow, on the solo. overall the tone wasn't great but the playing was pretty good, nice job
wow thanks for actually replying, its been a while heh. ive relistened to this and must agree its pretty shabby.

The tone is very muddy because i recorded both guitars on the same mono channel, playing in stero makes a large difference ive found out recently, and yes, this was pretty much the first time ive even done tapping to any song, the tabs right im sure, its just my playing is subpar, and the solo i think the tabs slighty wrong, but its the only one and i cant play it by ear.
tahnks for criting tho
Just work on the consistancy.


Try to keep the rythm track down a bit further volume wise, also dont use so much bass, use more low-midrange to get a bassy tone in a recording imo.


Turn down teh gain ! please Use more treble, too. Try not to scoop the mids too much if you are...


Consistancy! Thats what amon amarth is about. Play the parts over and over until you can get em right and flow between them pretty easily. It sounded like you kinda had it down but you needed alittle more practice.

Learning Amon Amarth by ear is really simple, you just find out where they start their riff (which fret/note) and then work in the general vicinity until you find the right notes! It takes patience but it is well worth developing your ear. It'll come in handy later in life.

Great song, Great band. Good attempt Keep it up, i'd definitely like to hear some more and see how you're coming along.

The tapping wasnt that bad until it started to go out of tune or whatever. Then it was like meh.
Thanks for the posts.

Ive just recorded Victorious march... which i have tried to improve on what u said genocide and others, ive played the whole thing, both guitars in a single take, so there are some small mistakes which i wouldnt normally make, but this does fix the problem of going out of time, and most tranfers to new riffs sound alot smooth. It is a long song and ill excuse u if u dont feel like listening to the entire thing

Now my bass is on half, midrange and treble maxed out. I have yet to recorded the solo to this song as im still learning it, its got some tricky timing in it (for me anyway )

and slayer, ive got a Ibanez ex350, emg 81/85 and roland cube 30 amp.

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that was good! kind of sloppy, especially during the end. but great job! keep up the good work!
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