There's nothing physically stopping you I guess so in that sense yes.

However that's putting Rolls Royce speakers with a Nissan amp. You'll really want an amp with more power and generally better specs than that to make full use of that cab.
Yep. Those small amps can easily drive a large cab. Even a half watt tube amp can be about as loud as general conversation
ok thanks and i am going to get a better head in the future probably a dsl50 but money is tight and i want an upgrade from my current amp
for that much money, just get a tube combo.
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you can power a bajilion full stacks with it... but it would sound best thru a 1x12 or 2x12 cab. maybe something with V30s, Greenbacks, or any other vintage sounding speaker. I personally like the Eminence Rockdriver Cream.
Maybe get a cool custom made 2x12 cab with two 30-50w speakers so they are easier to push than 75 watt speakers plus one day you can get a 50w head for it

its a fun practice amp, with 3 outputs to match up to a cab. but maybe, save a little? unless u dont have anything else u can use at all.

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