what exactly does a bbe sonic maximizer do and how much difference it will make to my sound when used with a jmp-1, intellifex and 9100 rack system?? (1960A cabs)

thanks everyone

Well just the the reviews. It tightens up the low end and cleans up the high end. Most poeple say that you odn't really notice when you turn it on but after using it for a while you can definatley tell the sound isn't as full when its off.

Though in the last thread on it it was also described as making your tone sound like everyone else who uses the thing if you dial in the setting to strongly.
I've noticed it can really get digital sounding if you turn the process up too high. I have a maxcom on my fx loop, and I like the sonic max as a cool effect, but only if dialed right. It definitely fattens up the sound, almost like it brings out all the sound that's normally hard to hear behind the most prominent frequencies. It can also really bring your low end in front with the countour, but you can easily go overboard if your amp already has good low end response. I like it for some stuff, like it can be used to tighten up the sound for a nice defined tight "chug". I also like it for making chords a little more defined with a lot of gain. You really have to be careful how much you dial in though, it's easy to go too far. Even on the fx loop, it's very easy to hear when it's on IMO, at least on my setup.
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