licence to ill!!!!
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Paul's Boutique is straight up sick. Awesome beats. Licence to Ill is awesome. It is the standard issue Beastie CD everyone has to have. Check Your Head is great for the hiphop, funk and a bit of punk. It is a great all around album.
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I had always heard Paul's Boutique was their best. I bought Hello Nasty years ago and hated it because I expected it to be mainstream kind of hip-hop. My gf played Paul's Boutique for me the other day and I liked it. And she's here and she says she wants me to tell you that Sounds Of Science is her favorite song. There. The second part of that song is pretty sweet, I must admit.
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****in great rappers! Sabatoge and intergalactic kickass! Pick up license to ill first i agree.
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Sounds of science.
usually the 'best of' albums suck, but SoS is actually a wicked collection of beasties tunes from through the years.

takes me back to my school days. I used to stick it on repeat, and must have heard that album through hundreds of times
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i ****ing love everything about the beastie boys.

every album is phenomenal and different and fresh and innovative in its own way.

their one of the best artists of our time thats for sure.
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