Been a rough past month or so. Good friend of mine died in a car accident, and I'm trying to explore death and life, for the fear of sounding emo. This is a piece i came up with this morning with the help of my trusty acoustic. feedback is appreciated.

Shadows wait, and play in the cobblestones.
There's a world in the spaces between-
Where rotten water and Alleyway fears stangle,
Those who step on the cracks.

Dull glowing yellow brings out all the best-
In an epic moment of hope and strands
Of reality fading in the wind.
This garbage can suits me fine, warm, and safe.
No man can see when he follows this path,
Into the world between the cobblestones.

And, O, Discordia, remind me tonite.
When everythings a shade of grey, everythings alright.
And, O, give me a reason to disclose to you my muse.
Her eyes were burning with a passion I never knew.

But damn, that hourglass is glued to the ceiling,
And time quit standing still, before I could tell.

Throwing away all expectations, I don't suspect I'll live much longer.
The sand keeps running, and mine is being chased.
So run to where the sea ends, and tonite begins-
Because where you are in this world, no body else can taste.
And when its all said and done, we'll go to the sound of sobs,
While the stars are falling, and faith is calling, the witless flash a grin.
Running away isn't an option when you've got so much on your back.
So, bittersweetly realize, that these are just words on paper-
Ghost phrases that boast of a mind state we all deny.
Except to those who've lost track, and stepped on the cracks
And known the world between the cobblestones, and the spaces between.