Haven't got a name for it yet, lots of pull offs and hammer ons.

Crit greatly appreciated.
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Tool are awesome

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Had to check this out as I was just listening to Razor by the Foo Fighters. Good stuff. I liked the first the best probably. Wasn't too keen on the 5/4 measure, but liked that section anyways. As a whole this doesn't seem very cohesive. It jumps around and has a lot of different moods and sections. I listened to it all the way through though and am tempted to test out it's playability. I like how some of the guitar parts are woven into each other. Nice work. Check out my stuff if you want.
yeah i went for a semi-progressive approach, which explains the sudden 'mood' changes
Tool are awesome

PRS Tremonti SE
Behringer Ultra Metal / Zoom 505II
Marshall 30w Combo
i like it. to me it sounded like something that would be played over an argument or debate. the only thing i didn't like is the ending. i think it is a little abrupt and doesn't go with the style of the whole piece. but overall, it's really good. hell of a lot better than anything i could write.
All have to say is wow, what a great piece I could tell it was progressive with just the start. One part I really did not care for was bars 24 to 25 they really seemed like they didn't fit with the overall piece.
I only liked Bar 19 the rest sounded like a song that would be playing when a great hero just slayed a dragon in the ye olde times.
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That reminded me instantly of one of my earliest memories. My mother and I were moving from Virginia to Idaho, and we made a stop in Tennessee. I was maybe four at the time. Well, there was a young man at a gas station with his guitar, which at the time I had no idea what the heck it was. When I asked him what it was for, he played a song for me, and it sounded a lot like that.

It's a great song, and thank you for the nostalgia! Ah, memories...