I play in a hardcore metal band and am looking for a specific tone, I would like to sound like these guys www.myspace.com/unearth. I sold my custom fender strat for a schecter omen-6. I know you are thinking what a foolish decision but I had no money at the time and was desperate for a metal guitar. The action is very good on this guitar and tapping is very easy. It handles dropped tunings very well with very minimal buzz and no buzz through the amp I use. I use a 600 watt peavy tube amp from the 80's, and it is a full stack. The humbuckers are very deep but lack any clarity. I am interested in buying new pickups for this guitar. I have lowered the pickups to try to cleanup the tone but it is still a heavy mess of sound. The guitar sounds stunning on clean and is a very thick tone with no twang.

I am looking for pickups with a good bass punch and lots of clarity because I play lead. I am only looking to replace the bridge pickups. I have played thousand dollar prs guitars and many other jackson's and compared the feel compared to my guitar. I play just as well on mine and don't see a big difference in comfort and feel, but what i notice a difference in is tone. Will new pickups make this guitar sound like an expensive metal guitar? If new pickups are not worth the investment please inquire me. It is a 24 fret bolt on neck with rosewood fretboard. tune-o-matic bridge and basswood body.

I have heard of other people buying basic 300 dollar guitars and changing out the pickups and having it play like a 1000 dollar guitar.

So, my question is will new pickups make a drastic difference? Or should I save up some money and just buy a new guitar? Please be honest and don't just say that I should buy a new one since thats the best thing to do. If its possible to make a big improvement without spending a lot that would be ideal since i have no money right now. Thanks guys
600w tube amp?!?!?!?

Anyway, try a Bareknuckle Warpig. You can afford it.
600 watts you heard correct. I can afford some nice pickups up to about 100 dollars in value so if i get some i want them to be good.

I searched musicians friend for those pickups and didn't get anything? do you know a site where i can get some?
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I know I just searched google for them... I only looked on musicians friend
go with what danno said, but is there any chance you could give any details/links about your amp. 600w tube has to be enormous. does the volume go up in 10th's or something?
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