how do i wire an invader type pickup into my strat, i tryed thinking it would be cut wire off solder new ones on. but the single coils have 3 wires (one bare, one white and one red) and the hum has 2 wires (one white and one bare)
Not sure if this is correct, but as i just put new gold lace single coils in last nite i have a suggestion.

Solder one wire to the correct part of the selector switch, and the other to the volume pot.

Didn't you get any instructions with the pickup?

Go onto the website of the manufacturer, i did this for the lace ones and it gave me a handy colour coded diagram.

Any more Q's just ask, all i know is that its easier to do yourself than pay for it, tho only if you know what your doing with solder, pickups, a scorching soldering iron, etc : )
yeah i was gonna just soilder the white to the switch anbd bare to the pot but my dad freaked and sed id electrocute myself. he had a good point so i thought id just check, thanks for the replies. as i goty this second hand no instructions "( so whet is the red wire for on the single coils?
If there was two wires that went to ground, one was the coil negative and one was the shield. It's ok, the current going through your guitar can't hurt a fly, so if you do it wrong, you won't die.
These go to eleven...
For the pickup I just got, it had three wires, and the old one had two. The old one had a plain metal one and a white one, the new one also had a red one.

I took a gamble (well, it kinda suggested it in the instructions) and simply wrapped a load of insulation tape around the red wire and forgot about it. The plain one was then soldered onto the pot and the white one into the switch thing, exactly where the old one had come out.

I've not died yet...