Hey. i was wondering could anyone tell my about this guitar, as i plan on buying it. Could you tell me if the trem is good or not. Thanks
It's a good guitar (especially the new models with REAL EMGs).

I believe Diamond Dave did a thread a week or two ago where he said that you actually CAN swap the trem for an OFR if you want. So... go for it.
Thanks for the fast reply. If possible could you link me to the page, i cant find it.
I didn't play a DXMG myself, but Jackson DKMG is a lot hotter solo/shred guitar than a Maverick. Maverick's great for rhythm, but as far as shredding goes, it's kind of like meh, imo.
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yeah its a great guitar, as good as the DKMG (the dearer model)

although you may also want to look into an ESP M-400 or a Maverick X-1 which are both in the same league as the jackson

the 400 series ltds are a no go in the uk price wise.
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