so i finally invested in some straplocks (cheap marvel ones from Axesrus.co.uk, they do the job) and i've had to use the screws from the original chewed up to hell strap buttons because the holes too small for the screws that came with it. i would have screwed the larger ones in, but its enough larger to make it a hassle to screw it in, and possibly damage the wood. so, is there any way i can safely make the hole bigger WITHOUT a drill (dont have one) and not risk killing my bass?
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I have dunlop straploks on my guitars and I had to drill a little. They do that on purpose to make them more sturdy. Try using the larger screws and putting some wax on them. I did that on a guitar I used to have and I didn't have to drill.
if you screw them in slowly you shouldnt have to worry about it

ive never had a problem and ive put straplocks on just about everything ive owned, drilling is best, but like i said, ive never had a problem...
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Um how big was teh screw it came with. If it isn't that much bigger, then just screw it in slowly, serisouly it's not going ot crumble in your hands.
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get smaller screws from your local hardware store

yea he's exactly right. Just take the strap button with you and find the right heads.