Hi, I recently just ordered my gear from this site, and I'm not sure if my order actually got in, I emailed them but haven't gotten a reply yet or a confirmation email either. So I was just wondering if anyone else that ordered from this site got a pure blank white page after submitting your order. Thanks in advance.
I ordered a pedal from them, I got no confirmation email but I got the pedal 2weeks later, broken. Then I had to go through all this trouble and pay shipping just to get my money back, no way I'm ordering from them again.
I just got back a reply from the site, and they said my order didn't go through, does anyone else have any experiences with LA Music I should know about before ordering my stuff? And btw, where do you live mpt37? 2 Weeks is a pretty long time to receive a package.
Maybe thats why it took that long, LA Music is situated in Missisauga, Ontario. Hopefully mine won't take that long since I'm in Toronto/Scarborough
Isn't that right next to Mississauga? Cause you could drive to their actually store instead of ordering online.
Yeah, it is right next to Mississauga, but I have alot of schoolwork to do, so I don't think I have much time to actually go there, so I might as well just order it online. Doesn't seem like many people have experiences with ordering from LA Music here it seems.