I have a Solid-state amp (Fender FM 212R) and I was wondering what overdrive effect would work good with it (like the equivelent of an Ibanez Tube Screamer with a tube amp) also should I go with a memory man delay pedal? any help is appreciated

P.S. (I have a Fender American Strat) What would some other good pedals be to get the u2 or alternative rock sound?
Use something like a Boss BD2 or SD1. Its a solid state amp, you don't boost it as it ends up sounding like crap. You have to depend on the pedal to supply all the dirt in this case. You might want something heavier though as with just an overdrive pedal, in the range of full out distortion pedals (well ok, not a Boss Metal Zone but...maybe something along the lines of a ProCo Rat or a modded Boss DS1).

The Memory Mans are great warm sounding delay pedals.

as far as any other pedals for a U2 sound go: get another delay pedal, perhaps somethign more modern with tap tempo and all that stuff (Boss DD6, Digitech Digidelay...). The Edge really loves his delay pedals.
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hey thanks a lot man
a few other questions since I have never dealt with effects before. Can you hook up more than one pedal at a time and if so how?

Would a set-up of the Boss SD1 (overdrive), Memory Man, and a BOSS DD6(delay)
make for a good alternative rock sound and setup for my first pedals?
(I'm looking for this sound in a way www.myspace.com/circleslide listen to gravity and some of the other songs on there as well as weatherboy (the video half way down on the right side)

Thanks again in advance
as far as hooking them up: you just hook them up together in a line using smaller cables (youc an get small 15cm or so cables for hooking up effects). You can get differences in sound regarding the order of the pedals, generally things like delays would come after any distortion effects in your case.

Well the 2 delay pedals are mainly for the U2 stuff like mentioned , just one of them would be enough for most uses. But if you're new to effect pedals delays pedals are REALLY fun to play with, I've spent entire afternoons messing with the trippy sounds they can make.

and I dont think the SD1 would be heavey enough for that kind of stuff. You're going to need an all out distortion pedal. The SD1 alone probably doesn't get heavier than AC/DC (unless you're using it as a boost on an allready overdriven tube amp).

I also think I heard a bit of a wah wah pedal in that video.
so what kind of pedal would you recommend for the all out distortion? Something like a metal master? Or not quite that much. Also what are some decent wah wah pedals to use on a solid state amp or doesnt that really matter? I know he has a boss v-wah and then there?s a whammy pedal?it does octaves with a foot pedal control
with what sound I want what THREE pedals would you recommend that I START with?

(anyone can answer this)
I have been lookin around for the past 45 minutes and I was wondering if this would be a good setup for my first 3 pedals for the alternative rock sound and the u2/coldplay sound with my SOLID-STATE AMP

EH Deluxe Memory Man
EH Hot Tubes
Boss DS-1
DigiTech Whammy Pedal with MIDI Control


Comments are appreciated

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