Awhile ago, I could solo (not quite "shred", but still pretty fast) over songs fairly fast and clean. However, nowadays I will try to improvise over the same song, and my playing is slowing down and sounding like the crap I flush down the toilet. Maybe I'm losing interest? I find it quite routine I guess, but still...wtf? It's getting ridiculous...I am also in the process of learning all sorts of new scales, but is there any remedies if this has ever happened?
om, i feel this is happening to me, but sometimes i have good days where i can play really well and other times i have **** days where my playing is just bollocks.
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It happens to everyone.

Sometimes it's the muse isn't working its mojo for you on any given day, or
sometimes its something bigger.

No matter how much you know, you'll always wear out the things you regularly and
always do unless you're always pushing on new things. That's the nature of the

So, I always buckle down on working something new or try and get a new angle
and/or improve something old. It will come back and generally you'll be a better
player from going through it and coming out the other side.
practice, practice, practice :/

that's all I can suggest
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^I wouldn't say so. You're just having those periods when you're kinda rusty, I had that too but then it went away and I'm all good again writing songs and working with scales.
i only use a few scales which cover all 5 positions but ive kinda know the next note when i play it because i can improvise without scales and memorise the fretboard a little...trust me it works!!!
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Well you said you were trying all sorts of new scales, maybe these new ones suck.

You might just have gotten over the phase in which you gleam with self acomplishment.
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that happened to me today. I just played off. Then i started playing behind my head and it all came back to me. Stupid little tricks that make laugh help your playing. At least mine.
Your solos aren't as good anymore? You have ALS. There's nothing we can do. Go email Stephen Hawking.
Weird. The exact opposite is happening to me. I find my rythm guitar sucking and my lead skills heightening. All I can suggest is that you keep trying, or take a break for a few days.
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Well usually when I can't play my problem is I can't get warmed up or get into it..

So I stop for a couple days, try to stop listening to too much music, etc.

Then I pick up the guitar again when I'm comfortable again, Give it a couple days, go hang out, relax, etc. Come back, try again.

Sometimes you start to play horribly when you play too much, it becomes boring and uninspiring and you need to take a break.

Too much practice can be just as bad as too little.
I always play better when im energized just eat well and be active i cant play anything when im tired. Sometimes my mind is there but my fingers and timing is all gone. so I dont know try to be energized is what i say
Yeah, ^he is right. What I like to do sometimes is take a break and listen to music that i never listen to usually. Mostly, I listen to rock and other stuff like that. But when I get uninspired I listen to stuff like bluegrass and country. There is some pretty good bluegrass guitar players. Listening to different material can probably help you.
Maybe its not that you're getting worse, may its that your ears are becoming pickier, and yo have higher expectations of yourself, you just haven't realized it yet. Like Rocknificent said, listen to some different material helps. Also try playing in different time signatures. If I'm feeling uninspired, then I'll turn on the keyboard and I have a waltz backing loop in there that I'll play over. Try it.
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^yup. but the sucky days are coming all too often these days....

i had a time like that, its normal just keep goin man
Some days I don't get the groove, it sucks. I put the guitar down and play an hour later.