Can I get a 30 watt amp for this amount or do I need more...

Can you give me some ideas...if so...

VOX valvetronix AD30VT is a decent 30W amp for around that price to name one.....
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roland cube 30 ftw.
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These are the ones I'm considering...

Fender Dyna Touch Champion 300 - £135
Marshall MG30DFX - £119
Marshall MG50DFX - £179

Which one is the best for the price ?
please do not look at those marshalls man, get a tube, get a vox, something other than the marshall. Peavey Valveking perhaps? Vox all the way though, u wont be dissappointed
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don't get those marshalls man, i had one and it was crap. you don't get much more concise advice than that
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