Ok so me and my band are "finally" getting live gigs booked, but i've encountered a minor problem with the first venue. There is no PA system or anything, so they've said i'm going to have to supply my own way of getting the sound to the people.

For practicing & jamming i've only been using a 30w CUBE, and at the current time, i can't afford a full, or half stack to play through, so i was thinking. Is it possible for me to just buy a decent (and new, not s/h) cabinet & take the output from the cube & feed it into the cab?

I don't need reccomendations on what to buy or anything, just wether this is possible & how effective/useable it is.

EDIT: I just also thought, if its not as simple as taking the output & plugging direct in, is it possible to go from the amp, to my mixer (soundcraft compact 10), and then out to the cab?

i can't see that making much of a difference though if it won't go direct from the cube
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