Why is it that everyone buys Ernie Ball strings. I used Ernie Ball and I was breaking strings once every 3 weeks. I didn't stretch the strings that often, in fear that they would break. I switched to DR and I haven't broken one string in well over half a year. So, two questions: Why do people even bother with Ernie Ball, and what is the best string company?
I use rotosounds, dean markley or ernie balls. I find these three the best. They last a long time, they feel comfortable and they are cheap lol.

Edit: I change my strings on average every 4 weeks lol.
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elixir pwns all... end of story

get elixir nanowebs, they last like forever
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I use Dean Markley's becuase they are cheapish, last a while, and sound pretty good. This is totally an opinion question. If you dont' like Ernie Ball strings, then don't use them
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i like d'addario myself, and its just personal opinion. im sure lots of people just like the way ernie balls feel and sound. i know alot of people who use ernie balls and they never break on them, they always change strings because theyve been on so long that theyve gone flat, its just different for everyone and every guitar.
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You've broken a low E string??? What style do you play, guitar raping noise core?
i started out on d'addario, then i switched to ernie ball, and currently i use GHS boomers. Why do i switch so much? Because i just like to change it up. I think i will stick with boomers for a while though. It's your opinion, use what you like

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I've heard great things about DR, but out of all the brands I've used, I prefer Dean Markley. They sound great, like Ernie Balls, and they're break-resistant, like D'addarios. Plus, they're cheap.
elixir are great strings but is it worth £10 for one set, surely its better to buy 2 sets of ernie balls, which i get about 1.5 months use out of one set. I have never broken a string, let alone an ernie ball, in the 6 years i have been playing
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I hate to sound like a tool, but what brand is "DR"?
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i use GHS boomers Zakk Wylde super heavys , those are my personal faves (cuz they're thick as hell and pretty difficult to break) , i had the same problem w/ Ernie Balls, i kept breaking them (and even the GHS boomers i still bust the Low E about once a month) but i have heard elixirs are really good from several guitar players (though i can't convince myself to shell out $25 for a set of thing strings that i'll prolly break in a week)
I used to always use Ernie Balls, untill they came out of tune, broke every couple weeks, ansd rusted often. I use D'addarios now.
Best is subjective... I use thomastik, and daddario usually...sometimes I use elixers on my taylor but usually I don't like them.
Daddario bro...get em.

Everyone is caught up in the ernie ball/elixir(expensive as hell) ****..

Dude at first I was into ernie ball strings cause everyone talked about em. Until one day i got smarter and actually bought some daddario strings because my cousin had told me those were the best strings. I told him "but no one ever talks about them"...and he said "just try em"...and boy was he right. These are the most underrated strings...get em man, you won't regret it. **** elixir, these last long too.

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I've tried 2 brands of strings: D'Addario and GHS Boomers. The D'Addario I would probably only use to brighten up the tone of the guitar, but besides that I don't like them. I just changed the strings on my Tele copy (the Stagg in my sig) to GHS Boomers 10s. I feel that there is a little more mellower sound to the bass (E-D) strings while the treble (G-e) are much less brighter, but still hold a hint of chirp. I find also that GHS get better unplugged resonance than D'Addario.

For acoustics, I've only tried Martins, and I think I'll be sticking with them. Have hardly rusted, never "die out" (aka their sound stays even as they age) and they just feel right.
i go with d'addario.

if on a tight budet, go with the ones the sell at your store. those are pretty good.
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