mmmm, love me some Her Space Holiday. "Japanese Gum" and "My Girlfirends Boyfriend" are on my playlist quite a bit now. so anyone else like them? picked up any albums? i know he's got a few but i haven't got round to actually buying any yet haha.


also, i have no idea where i spotted this, but did the guy (her space holiday) used to be in indian summer? if anyone could clear that up for me that would be nice. thanks.

anyways, discuss etc etc
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I think they are more of an indie, or "shoegaze," band. Either way, Dntel's remix of "Japanese Gum" rocks my socks. Go download it!
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but did the guy (her space holiday) used to be in indian summer?

Yep, he was definately in Indian Summer, I also seem to remember being told he was in Mohinder as well, but I haven't ever bothered to check that one up.
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i have a couple of his cds there pretty good

i remember seeing him and this other guy open for the faint and bright eyes. they played a great show