So i have been hearing from people recently that meditation can improve my playing?? Is this just myth or is there some realism behind it??

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Relaxation techniques before practicing would definetly help. The more relaxed you are the faster you'll be able to play. It's the less tension thing.
prolly not, thats just my opinion tho. i think if u practiced in stead of meditate u would prolly have better results.
Well some people also believe that you can become the worlds fastest runner, be able to fly and cure cancer in other people with meditation....

In my opinion playing guitar itself is a form of meditation and like mentioned, don't tense up all when you're playing, be relaxed but still focus on what you're doing and you'll pick things up much faster than if you're all tensed up and frustrated
i do meditate before playing and practicing (not always, but usually when i'm looking to achieve something other than just jamming), but there is a trick, in and of meditation the idea is to clear your mind of everything, even the ideal of music, and when you leave the meditation to keep your mind clear of everything even the music, as soon as you try to think of what you're trying to do it destroys the ideal, when your mind is clear you can instantly translate feeling to music with no barriers of trying to figure out what you want it to be,it comes out merely as what it is...... but likewise if you don't know the basis of music it doesn't help much...... i used to eat a lot of LSD (like 10-20 hits) and believe it or not it would totally clear my mind (as a headful of acid can do) and i made some excellent and unbelievable music (which is unfortunately lost forever now) but i've found that transcendental meditation can easily take the place of it.
seljer pretty much has it, and just meditation in general is a great thing to do for yourself. It will/can make you way more relaxed all the time, happier, healthier and zillions of other benifits. I'm really glad I started I recommend you give it a try at least.


^ thats a decent place to start.
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clearing your mind of EVERYTHING sounds pretty dangerous if u ask me.

i think just do wot works for you.
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It can't hurt!

Personally, I think it can help a lot in many different ways.

I have this thing called a Proteus which is a light & sound machine (goggles and
headphones) and it's like a drug-free drug. Totally puts you into trance with
lots of induced visuals. Worth checking out.
Meditation can help a lot more than just guitar playing... teachers recommend it for test-taking, some cities play relaxing, meditating music to traffic to calm down drivers, used during therapy...

I'm not sure it would totally make you a better guitar player, but it would make you more focused, confident, things like that.
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if meditating i find these things handy for guitar playing. you basically spin them round in your hand with your fingers. supposedly they stimulate acupuncture points on the hand and lower arm, which in turn improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles and joints. you may have seen them in kung fu movies, or chinese heath shops or something. takes a while to get fast with them