When your ?little sister?, the person you protect taps into the impossible. When they're always getting into mischief finally gets them where no one can help but you. But you refuse. Where your ?little sister? learns their lesson but is stuck in their own mind.

You just want to become another within the secret that she?s sworn
If though you?re bothered, you feel as if you?re ignored
Once you have opened the door, there is no turning back
You?re saying you don?t want anymore, want what you once had

You?ve gone in and no one will follow you again
You?ve done it again and no one wants to die again
You have opened it up and it seeks to find the end
Come on back darling, you?ve gone into the forbidden

You say you don?t like this place and now you want to go
You say that you are feeling afraid and there?s no one that you know
You feel as though that you?ve trespassed God and it?s just a mistake
You know he doesn?t care if you?re alive or dead, feeling afraid

Guitar solo