what are some classic rock songs in drop d? my bands is covering moby dick and i have my strat for that in a drop d, but i dont want that to be the only song i use it in, so what else?
I Think Queen's 'Fat Bottomed Girls' is played in drop d
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Kashmir needs different tuning again, it isn't just drop D.

Killing in the name of is in drop D, I'd say that's pretty close to a classic rock song, at least it would be if I was in charge of naming classics
HAHAHAH killing in the name isnt close to classic rock!!!! its like Metal/Hard Rock/Funk Rock!!!
and oh yea, BOTH e strings are in D-tuning for kashmir.....or if u just change the notes around it still works
Check out a bunch of Black Sabbath. Some of their stuff is in Drop D as far as I can remember...but maybe I'm wrong...
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The End-The Doors
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Black Sabbath drops all 6 strings a step and a half. (Extensively from Master of Reality forward) Interestingly, Iommi uses 8's...in std tuning 8s feel like rubber bands, try dropping them a step and a half.. (does that because of his artificial finger tips on his rt (fretting) hand. You really need a lite touch...very easy to squeeze chords out of tune. But talk about vibrato from hell....
I keep one of my SG's dropped a step and a half just for playing Sabbath...
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Surely it doesn't take you that long to retune one string does it?
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