ok ive been playing for a while and my speed has not increased at all. When i play i just get to a certain limit where i cant force to make my fingers go any faster and if i try to i loose all accuracy. It kinda feels like im stuck at a brick wall. Is there anything i might be doing wrong, or is it just a matter of somehow practicing more?
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pick a song thats too fast for you to play, learn it slowly then practice up until youve got the correct speed
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It's technique, it's tension, it's attention... lots of possible things.

The key is of course practicing. But not so much frequency as how you practice.

There's no magic fix. You could do a thousand exercises for a thousand days and
still not be much faster without knowing how to practice.
hmmmmm.... see , way back when i had the same problem, i just ended up realizing i'm not moving my hand fast enough, if its your fret hand think about it like this, how fast can you move your fingers when not playing the guitar? you should be able to move them just as fast when playing the guitar, if its your pick hand then i recommend picking exercises. remember do not try and play the guitar fast, that will never work, simply realize, there is no guitar......
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