I bought this from my uncle about a year ago but we never knew the model..he says its been sitting in his closet for about 4 years so here are some details

Ibanez RG series
Model#: F98 32390 (japan)
really nice dark purple mettalic paint
Floyd rose bridge
V7 pickup
V8 pickup
S1 single coil pickup
and the wizard neck

I might be able to get some picks up later

I appriciate all the help guys!
take care
whats a guitar?
Maybe the RG570? That came in a metallic purple color, had a Floyd Rose, and had 3 pickups.
sounds exactly like my rg 570 just go to umm http://www.ibanezrules.com/catalogs/reference/dating.htm
date it and then you can find it in the price catalog
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