I was just curious, does anybody here listen at all to this excellent genre? I am doing this in the Classic Rock board because it is defined as fusion between jazz and ROCK, it falls under the time period, and hardly anyone posts on any other boards where it would be appropriate. That having been put aside, I think this is simply one of the most amazing subgenres in all of music, and overall it's pretty accessible to classic rockers in my opinion. I'm afraid my knowledge of jazz fusion isn't that in depth yet, so I can't name much that isn't already widely known, but here are some albums I would recommend to get started with. The musicianship on these is simply astounding, far surpassing a majority of what I've heard listening to classic rock.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior
Herbie Hancock - Headhunters
Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy

So does anybody else have any of these albums or into jazz fusion at all?
I just recently got into the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and I can truly say John McLaughlan is one of my favorite guitarists. I've been a big fan of Al DiMeola for a while, and I think it's obvious he's one of the fusion guitar masters.
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I'm quite a big fan of fusion, mostly the early Miles Davis recordings Bitches Brew & Jack Johnson etc. and as the 70's went by I think the music got watered down by commercial interests and a lot of the innivative spirit was lost. You could add Weather Report to the list of groups as well, it includes two of the musicians present at the Bitches Brew Sessions.
I listened to Bitches Brew, can't say I enjoyed it too much.

I love Mahavishnu Orchestra and Al Di though.
I've listened to John McLaughlin play with Santana on this one album (forgot the name, and I have no drive to go find it), and it is absolutely amazing.

I've gained a respect for John with that, and I'm sure my dad's got some of the Mahavishnu Orchestra lying around because he's huge on McLaughlin.

Bitches Brew is awesome. I heard it in the car going to and from a soccer game and I loved it.

I've listened to Weather Report to - Jaco Pastorius is nasty.
^ The McLaughlin/Santana album was probably Love Devotion Surrender. It's a pretty cool album.
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*cough* best bass player ever *cough*

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You'll find this music has the most audience in the 80's shred & prog forum... Amongst whom myself.
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*cough* best bass player ever *cough*

meh i think vic wootens better
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meh i think vic wootens better

Wootens good, but like, even he was inspired by Jaco. I'm a bass player, I think think from mine (and most players views), Jaco just kind of broke the limits of bass. I don't think anyones reached his level since, nor will they ever. But, its all opinion (and thats not to say Wooten is a bad player. FAR from it)
Al Di Meola is simply amazing.

I guess in a way you could add Santana to this group, except his music was alot more poppy than other bands during that time.
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