Type of music I play: 80's rock like GN'R, Motley Crue, Skid Row.

Price range: ?2000

Requirements: A decent tremelo and a combo amp.

I considered the Ibanez RG1570 but it seems a bit too shred/metaly for the music I play. What do you guys think?

Much appreciate the help

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Maybe you should get a EVH Charvel or a Ibanez JEM. They are both eighties metal guitars.

No I the JEM is way to shred for what I'm looking for and wouldn't be good for playing rhythm. I'm not looking for a metal guitar or a shred guitar.

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No I the JEM is way to shred for what I'm looking for and wouldn't be good for playing rhythm. I'm not looking for a metal guitar or a shred guitar.

Trust me. It's awesome for rythm.

The neck pickup's output isn't insane like the bridge. It's a lot quieter which is good for rythm. It also has an AMAZING clean.

Believe me it can do way more than shred. It would be perfect for you.

if you still think it's too high output for you check this out


This one has breed humbuckers. Steve designed this one so he could get a classic rock tone.

They are about 3/4th as hot as the Jem's pickups.

It also has that amazing floyd rose tremolo and it's gorgeous. The whole thing is like a mirror. You can see your reflection in it. It's stunning.
The rg1570 can do the 80's stuff, and quite well. and most guitars with trems tend to seem metally and shreddy.

Amp wise- JCM-800.
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Not sure how much that translates to in american, try a Marshall DSL401 combo and a Les Paul, can't recommend a make since I'm not sure of your budget.
EDIT: sorry you want a trem. Maybe the 1570 would be alright for the 80's rock stuff, I don't know though.
PRS singlecut trem and a JCM 800

has a tremolo and is great for that music
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i know how much you love GNR witch so theres only two choices for gear.

les paul classic/standard...and a jcm 800

have fun.
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Definately, go for Les Paul. If you wanna splash out on an expensive amp like a JCM 900 and have less for a guitar, go for a BC Rich NJ Mockingbird. I have a classic (non-floyd) and its the sex. But NJ has the whammy youre looking for and isn't a boring old Ibanez.
wtf?? I reccommend Ibanez all the way, but ****, if you want rythm go for a rg3120 or a rgt neck-through or some****. But since you want a amp too, you should spend more money on the amp. what kind of music you play? anyways.... im not sure so im guessing

metal - engl (since i see your price is in euro it should be available where ur from)
more versatile stuff - jcm900 (like classic rock, jimi,guns n roses, some old metallica stuff etc.)

i didnt test out many amps yet but i tested them out and they really good.
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