My birthday is soon, I'm gettin a New amp and new guitar:

ESP LTD F50: $300. Agathis Body Maple neck
Shecter of $300. Mahagony body with stained maple neck

I tryed the shecter and the feel is awesome + I'm going to sand the back of the neck so its really smooth

I havn't tryed the ESP yet

I know get the shecter, but heres my plan.
The F50 has an awesome shape, but bad pickups so i planed on putting Seymour Duncan Screamin' Demons on it

What should I do? get the shecter or ESP?

I play heavy metal and such if it helps
Im biassed towards ESP if its an ESP, but not so much on the LTD line. go with what feels and plays the best to you, not on what someone reccomends to you
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Although I haven't played either, I do know that agathis is one of the lowest quality woods so I say get the Schecter.