I just cant seem to do it. LIke everything Im sure it takes practise...or it better or I am screwed. But it looks cool as hell when guitarists stop strumming and start doing those fast as hell solo things where it looks like they are tapping the string.

From what it looks like the guitarists hold a fret and tap the string to make it vibrate for the sound. But if you push down hard enough...virtually doing a hammer on, it was ring at the fret that you push, not the one your holding. So for example if i am holding the twelth fret, and punch the 14th, the 14th fret will sound...

So there has to be some kind of flicking motion, or smoething to make the stng vibrate without having to push it into a fret. Would anyone be able to explain this to be better? I need tog et some new stirng though, mine are getting old and I wanna try a smaller guage...of course that means retuning my floyd, and reintonating it. hahaha I should not have gotten a guitar with a floating tremelo on it for my first guitar...but i still love it!

thanks all. I tried searching the UG lessons for tapping but i didnt see one that really explained it well enough for me 2 use. thanks again!
you have the right idea. Tapping is basically jsut a fast series a hammer-ons and pull-offs. If your fretting the 12 fret and you tap the 14, the 14 will, of course sound. but just as soon as you hit it, you do a pull-off to make the 12 sound. doing this repeatedly will give you that speedy sound your talking about. other than that, all you can do is practice it. hope that helped a little.
basically when tapping with your right hand you have to press onto it, then kind of flick your finger off the side so that you sound the next note loudly.
who are you to wave your finger......