Who likes Fugazi here? They certainly paved the way for many emo bands, even though their sound is so far off from the stereotypical emo of today. Their influence stretches far from just emo, as well. I recently picked up 'repeater' on vinyl and I love it. Please discuss.

For starters, I love how they got their name. It's an acronym that was used in Vietnam for F*cked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In (a body bag).

Favorite songs/records/anything else Fugazi-related...
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I like Fugazi a lot. I have In On the Killtaker, and it's pretty good, but I don't like it as much as 13 songs. Fugazi is defiinitely my favorite thing that Ian Mackaye ever did.
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fugazi is so good, i love their later release better. steady diet of nothing and the argument are my favourite fugazi albums.
Fugazi is pretty good. Gotta love 'Waiting Room'. I didn'y know that about their name, pretty interesting.
The Argument and Red Medicine are their best albums. I love the Hell out of the earlier punk stuff, but with these two albums they strectched out but also managed to have more fun. Every song on The Arguemnt is different from the next one.

Godbless Ian McKaye.
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Fugazi is pretty good. Gotta love 'Waiting Room'. I didn'y know that about their name, pretty interesting.

They actually still use the term. A more accurate defenition of the word "fugazi" (which I read in one fo my grandfather's military books) read as this:

fugazi - acronym used in the military, meaning "fucked up situation."

So it's a very broad term.
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13 songs is a great album, I've been meaning to pick up Red Medicine as well.
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I wish I had more Fugazi. I LOVE waiting room. Is 13 songs the best to start out with?
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