ive got chrome covers on the pick ups in my Schecter C-1 Plus and i wanna take them off. how would i go about doing that? i ask becasue since they came stock, theyre probally wax potted, so its not like they'll just slide right. any advise is appericated.
I think you have to have it professionally done... there is a bunch of wax stuff in there and its like glued down if I'm not mistaken.
usually its solderred on.

but yeah u have to be careful taking it off.

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Also, when you take off the cover and the pickup is in a block of wax, be very careful when cleaning off that wax. If you happen to tear one of the tiny copper wires leading to the baseplate of the pickup you could ruin the pickup. So watch out for little wires comming from under the protective coil tape and connecting to solder points on the baseplate.

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