Hi...my p-bass has a medium sized scratch at the back of the body...n i really intend to get rid of it...any ideas?

if u want more idea or info on the scratch ...it/s gone 1-2mm in and its about 5cm in length..help is greatly appreciated..thx
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not really. Infact that's a good way to get a good bass for cheap - is point out the typical belt buckle scratch.

The key is to stop wearing belts and caring about your instruments more. I can't tell you how to undo what you've already done. I believe it's impossible. lol
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To me, scratches = character. Relic = sexy as hell

scratches are gonna happen, you might as well get used to them. (Or just buff them out)
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if i had a p-bass i would have cloroxed it, taken it apart, beat the body with a hammer, burnt it, adn then put it back together to get that nice vintange look. lol
You could fill it in the with the same colored lacquer finish then sand with high grit sandpaper .
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