Hullo, I've got this charlie horse like pain right in the webbing between my thumb and pointer finger on my fretting hand. I've looked at other topics on things but i havent really found something like this. I was wondering if anyone had this, it feels like just some generic muscle thing, and whether they fixed it or alleviated it. It only seems to act up when im barring chords or reaching to hit base notes with my thumb. Thanks
stop playing for a day then. pain is your body's way of saying something is wrong. if you don't stop now you'll probably end up needing to stop for more than just a day later.
Yeah, I used to have that. I just kept playing though, maybe let the muscle rest for a day if it gets painful when I'm not playing guitar. I don't have that problem that much now, btw.

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i hate to ressurect a dead thread but no one really answered this and ive been getting the same pains in my left hand to the point where it takes half a roll of sports tape to play guitar anymore, ive been playing for 8 years now and its just recently become a problem anyone have anything else to add on this?
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