my band is coming along pretty nicely and we have a prett big show saturday at a nice venue in philly for a local band contest thing. anyway its weird at practices (we only have 4 songs so far) but sometimes it seems like we play things perfect and then other times it sounds terrible. today everything sounded like distortion and noise from the lvls on the pa being wrong. so it was frustrateing we all want to be perfect for the show so we havea shot at winning but sometimes it doesnt seem like we sound good and other times we sound amazing so its confuseing
really figure out the pa system and how lud each instramint has to be. Also practice the song(s) a couple times before preforming. And remembr to take extra picks and put them on the head between the strings or somewhere else like a pick guard. and dont worry because the people there are mostlikely not going for your band (this is what i think and it helps alot for me).
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Who hasn't been there?

Do you have a soundman at the board, or are you setting the levels yourselves?

You also have to consider the room as far as settings go on the P.A. ...
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Fix your PA system. Go to a professional and talk about the problem. Since sometimes you play well and others its wrong, you'll probably find out the problem soon... if everything still sounds like total complete noise then your songs have something wrong with it.

You might just have to rely it all on hope, that you'll just so happen to play good at the contest.
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well the contest is at like a venue its all ran by this company so the venue has a sound guy running the pa. it usually sounds like crapp when i cant hear myself or the other guitarist when i can hear everything and know where on time then its more comfortable and sounds better
btw if anyone wants to hear us


crappy recording quality.