I am going to be upgrading from my Vox Valvetronix head this summer. I have a few amps in mind and wanted to see what all of you guys thought. I currently play in a hardcore band but I want it to be able to do classic rock and blues. Basically I want a versatile amp. The first few I would be able to afford new probably. The rest will most likely be used if I can find them cheap enough. My budget is probably about $700 at most. Here are my choices:

B-52 AT-100 Head - Heard good things about versatility. Some problems though.

Ashdown Fallen Angel 60 Watt - Heard good things about bigger one.

Peavey XXX - Not really sure if it is versatile enough.

Peavey JSX - Will be hard to find in my price range but very versatile.

Please first choose which is best out of the first 2 and then which is best out of the all of them. If you have any other suggestions, I am open.

go for the JSM. i heard it's the most versatile head out there, so the price is worth it.