I'm new to bass.. and I have so many questions..

So how do I do a "drop d".

Do I tune the E string (lowest string) to make it sound like a D?
Drop D is two flats below E, so the 7th gret on your E string should sound like your A string.

Or if you have a tuner, press the flat button twice and tune to E.
you tune the E string down till it sounds like D
but i spit on that, in my opinion bass is way to awesome for drop tunings, but its you bass, your style, do what you will.
any other questions?
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IMO bass sounds great in drop D.

I'd love a Hipshot Bass Xtender on my bass to get to D in a snap.

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What's a flat button?

If you've got a tuner it'd probably say "flat" on the button.