Wasnt sure this would go in this forum or the gear one, but whatever.

To start off, I have a Peavey Millennium 5 AC BXP 5-String Bass. Ordered it online around Christmas time. LINK

It was working well until around 1-2 months ago. I've noticed that during the first couple minutes of me playing it, the sound is perfect. But as I play longer, the sound becomes quieter and it gets a strange wah sound (cant think of a way to describe it. Its pretty obvious though). A little bit after that happens, when I play a string the sound crackles and keeps doing that until I unplug the bass from the amp.

I already know that it's not my amp because my old bass works fine on it, nor is it the cable. I just want some input into what you guys/gals think is the problem and maybe how I can fix it.
take off your pick gaurd and look at your wire connection to your jack and to your pots if there loose then soulder them back on if that doesnt work then thats bad
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