im only 14 years old. keep that in mind please.

for this song... i chose not to use scales. i do have basic knowledge of music theory. but this time i was just making up random stuff and i put it all together.

this is for a band im in, our 1st song that isnt a cover, its called Half Man, Half Biscuit. its not supposed to be very serious, mainly just messing around and writing a random song in 1 day.

btw after the 8 beats on the china, its supposed to be a breakdown but didnt know how to slow it down. and those 8 beats are really boring, i know, but im not a drummer. i tried my best for the drums and double bass. crit please.
Half Man, Half Biscuit.zip
Ok. Here's my point of view.

I think, with the proper modifications, this could be a good song. I suggest you write down the tab, close your door, turn off the lights and think. well, not literally, but you get the picture. The only real critical thing is that its midi. But hey, every song sounds like **** on midi. I suggest you get Guitar Pro 5 (If you have the money) or play it with your band (If you have one). Either way, use your knowledge of music theory and work on it.