Hi. I just got my Line 6 POD XT LIVE and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to get started recording on Riffworks? Do I just plug the USB connection in and start recording? Thanks.
pretty much but riffworks is quite a limited program imo
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Riffworks is pretty limited, yeah, but it's super easy to lay down some quick tracks
to jam over. As a music sketchpad its really nice. You could even get a decent
sounding song recorded really quick. Most of the time this is all I want to do
and its perfect for it.

Of course for more serious stuff and tweaking it doesn't cut it at all, but it's not
trying to be a complete home studio.
when i get some extra cash i think i'm gonna pick it up...

not to record but simply just to lay some tracks to practice over or put down a rythm i'm writing and see what kind of leads i can make sound cool over it.
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