I havnt really heard them much i heard a song i think it was called "hey ska" it was pretty good..But that was all i heard so i dunno if there good or bad or what
How strange is it to be anything at all
They went on 15 years too long.
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They went on 15 years too long.

ur dum! tey were only goin 4 15 years!

tey wore mi fvorite bnd nxt to gren da and anti flg
Thank god.
"This shit here's called Death"
"What the fuck? You mean I'm gonna hit this shit and die?"
"No Nigga! I said Deaf. You hit this and you aint gonna hear shit!"
Hey, they weren't all bad.

We've all skanked to New Girl at least once. Still, I'm pretty indifferent.
dude i don't see anything wrong about suicide machines. i like them and i don't give a f*ck what people thinks.now im kinda sad :-( that ruined my day.
"Where the Beatles wanted to hold your hand, the Stones wanted to fuck your sister or daughter"

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I like them, own three records. I just don't think they're that great. Hit and miss with every song.
i like destruction by definition, but i couldn't give a **** about any of their other cds
Kick Ass Ska from the New Orleans Area

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Could be Super AIDS

omfg like in resident evil 4? with the tentacles coming out of his head?


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I like boobs
Damn, i sound like a rugmuncher today, haha.
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Yes !!!
Finally !!!!

I am throwing a party this weekend in honor of this !!!!

I'll bring the keg.
(And some pop for the straight edgers.)
Circle that A, motherfucker!