I've always been into the blues, I just don't know any blues artists. So when I buy a CD, I dont know who I will like. Can you guys post some good blues artists and some recommended songs by them?

Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble is one of my all time favorite albums. I definatly recomend getting it if you're looking into the blues.
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I would look into some BB King. He is the king of the blues and has some great stuff to learn. Here are some of my favorites.

Riding with the King - Eric Clapton and BB King colaboration.
Back to Back (i think) - John Lee Hooker and BB King.
Spotlight on Lucille - BB King.

Also, Robert Johnson was one of the pioneers and has some awesome stuff as well.
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Stevie Ray Vaughan
Buddy Guy
Eric Clapton

That there is a good base to work with.

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Thanks a lot everybody, but shutdown, are those albums or songs. O and, is there any other good songs by them?
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I reccomend RObben FOrd

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Get "Damn right i got the blues" as well (Buddy guy)
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Once you find a good artist you like, or take a reccomended artist from here, just buy their "Beat Of" Albums, that way, you can't lose. You'll be able to hear all of their "Best" songs, and you can base whether to buy other albums off of that.

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Amazon.com is also a good way of sampling music. A lot of CDs they carry will have 30 second snippets of a selection of songs. Eric Clapton's "From the Cradle" is a great assortment of blues covers, as well as "Me and Mr. Johnson," which is his tribute album to Robert Johnson. B.B. King is also excellent; Live at San Quentin is a great find. "Texas Flood" by SRV as someone already said.
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