Its not possible to put a tele pickguard on a strat is it? I didnt think so i thought id ask though. The thing is that i have a black strat with 2 black pickups and a white neck pickup. It looks hideous with my aged pearl pickguard so i want a new one but i dont want on that everyone else has because thats boring as hell. I want somthing cool but not fugly. Maybe it was a bad idea to get 2 black pickups and a white neck pickup...

What are some ideas to make my guitar more interesting so i can stray away from everyone elses guitar?

What pickguard could i get?
get a new guitar. get something other than a fender because fender is spammed. get like a schecter perhaps. gibson is spammed also so stay away from that. ibanez isnt too spammed yet... its your choice though. but stay away from fender especially and also gibson.
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