im newish to blues...and i really love delta blues alot but only really listen to robert johnson, and i was wondering any other good delta blues artists
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Son House & Skip James are favorites of mine.

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son house is legit, he taught robert how to play guitar. you'd best check out blind lemon jefferson, a huge influence on both musicians instrumentally and vocally.
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T-Bone Walker's great but he's not Delta. Check out Skip James, Son House, Blind Willie Johnson, Sleepy John Estes, Mississippi John Hurt, Tommy Johnson, Bukka white, King Solomon Hill, Johnny Shines; just do some research and you'll find lots of names.
kk thanks everyone
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You're joking right?

It's like comparing sex to sticking your penis in a blender.

Robert Johnson
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Son House is definatley the best.
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Robert Johnson

Nice work.

I'd recommend Mississippi Fred McDowell. Hot damn that guy could play. Bukka White too, and maybe some Gus Cannon.

Modern delta is good too. R.L. Burnside and T-Model Ford play some awesome, traditional styled modern blues.
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