Ok, so, where do you think Metallica would be now if they would've kept Jason Newsted on bass? Would there have been a St. Anger album, I think Jason had strong opinions and the St. Anger album may have not existed. Where would they be if Cliff would've never died? Who knows, maybe from the Justice album and the albums after that would've never existed. Maybe no Black album! I think they should've kept Jason. So, who should or should have been the Metallica bassist today?!
Dude, only metallica thread.
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Burton, can't beat him, but, i'm kinda glad they got rid of jason, all of the albums he was is were slower than with Burton
The threadstarter should know better than to post this. You've been in the Only Metallica Thread before. Why not post this there?
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Only Thread

Burton was the best.. Newstead sucked, he was to slow, and then Trujillo kinda brings back speed.. hes a reall good bassist..
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yeah since cliff's passed (RIP) defiantely trujillo, i saw trujillo on their last tour w/ godsmack and he totally owns...... he lays newstead to WASTE!!!!!
Only Metallica thread.

But anyway, they couldn't have 'kept' Jason. He left, and there was nothing James, Lars or Kirk could do about it.

But Cliff Burton, definitely.

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