Just today's little project because I was bored. I tried to mic an acoustic but that didn't work because of the lousy mic and lack of stand. I didn't know the song very well so I just pieced it together in whatever order I could. There are some random AIM noises and feedback in the background ocasionally because I had to mess around with the volume of different vocal parts. All the instruments were done in one take, too. But for using only about 45 minutes to learn and record the song, I think it turned out ok. I'll crit your song if you do the same to mine. The link is youraveragejimbo.dmusic.com. Comments on the website would be nice too. Thanks a lot.
The vocals are off key, and the lead fill tone seems kind of...cheesy. But I did like the rhythm guitar.
hmmmmmmmmm...yeah vocals could use some work i guess and the fill was a little cheesy but it was good. i liked it. change up the destortion on the fill and that would probably fix that. as for the vocals, dont be afraid to try to hit those high notes
Alright, thanks a lot guys. I know, I'm a pretty lousy singer, but I've definately gotten better (you should have heard me a while back). And for the fill tone, I guess you're right, and if I cared enough I'd go back and change it, but I probably won't, unless I fix the vocals (or attempt to) sometime. Thanks.