what is the greatest (fastest) fret board material or is it just opinion? also, would i be better of building a fretboard and putting in custom inlays or buying a warmoth neck and pay $350 dollars to have the head custom carved and have to pick some inlays from a selection.
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I dont think one fretboad wood is faster than the other, that depends more on the neck. I'm not sure about that though. I like rosewood, ebony is probably nice too.
they all have different tonal characterisics
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Fretboard is all prefrence, nothign really touches hte fretboard when you play. It oly colros the wood really.

Abotu the inlays, if you wnat to learn to inlay then do it yourself. But if you jsut want a custom inlayed piece and have the moolah then order fmr Warmoth.
i dont think there is a fastest fretboard wood, but i like ebony because it feels nice and smooth, almost waxy i spose it could be described, maple is good as well it gives a crisper feel in my opinion