When listening to certain groups, I find all of their songs have a certain sound to them, like guster always has a weird, catchy sound. Hawthorne Heights, however easy or hated they might be for some people, each song has a similar sound.

I know this is something everyone should know, but I've never thought to ask about it. Is it simply because the band uses the same chords over and over? Like AC/DC only using three chords (with variations etc.)

Now if this is true, you can answer this question. I was fooling around with an E9 chord, now say I make a band, if I used all E chords, would I accomplish that feeling of having a similar sound throughout all my songs?
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i think it relies more on major/minor keys (the clash used a lot of major keys), effects (the cure uses a lot of reverb) and lyrical style (rapping/shouting with ratm). if ou can get one of those down like noone else, youve got a unique sound.
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While using few chords can give you a similar sound, you could use variations of an e major in one song and variations of a B minor in another, and get a TOTALLY different sound.
Effects, Rythyms and Singing sets a similar mood.
Sort of how Yngwie uses a ton of reverb, Triplets and whenever there's singing, its in a typical metal style.
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There's a lot more to having 'your own' sound than using same chords through your all songs. :p Delve deeper into music theory/styles, you'll find there's a plenty of things you can use to be consistant without being repetitive.
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Yeah, I recently got all set up to record stuff, and I've found that I'm really unsatisfied with the riffs I'm creating. I'll look into using a certain key through chords, I have a really nice multieffects pedal as well, so I'll mix and match.