I have a friend that believes that all Peavey's suck except for the 5150 original, Ashdowns suck, etc. The only good amps are Dual Recs, B-52 AT-100 (His amp), JCM2000 and the 5150.

He also believes that if your mids are lower than your treble, it is bad for your amp.

He also believes that cranking tube amps screws up the amp.

How could I prove to thim that he is wrong and ignorant about everything.
youre kinda hosed dude, your friend is an idiot.
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yeah man, anyone that retarded needs to...not play at all. you cant prove anything to him. just call him a retard repeatedly.
well he does know a good amp when he sees one...even if he is cutting off other good ones from his "list"
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what are you talking about? your friend is totally right!

no wait, I lied. Tell your friend that his guitar amp is making a wierd buzzing noise, and say you can only hear it when you get really close to the amp. when he gets down to listen to it, take your guitar and imagine its a driver (or 9 iron, depending on how you golf) and make a nice hefty swing to his jaw. then use his blood like warrior paint and rub it on your face. and thats when you whip out your peavy amp, turn up the mids and crank the mutha ****a.
Tell him to read these forums.

Or use Google.

Either way, if he doesn't want to learn, then who cares?
beat the shit outta him. that'll teach him...

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