Hi, I'm just gonna cut to the chase right away. I've been playing guitar for about five months now and I love it. I've had the thought in my head that I want to be a musician and actually understand the concept behind it all, so I went to, what else but music theory. Now I'm getting a long really well with it but I need some explanation thats a little deeper than what I've been looking at. So my question or request of someone out ther is this: If you know music theory, would you drop me a PM so we can meet on AIM or MSN sometime, or something so I can ask some questions? It would help a lot, and its just some basic understanding things like Co5 and getting the major scale, or scales in general down. Oh, and I have read many of the lessons which are extremely helpful but don't answer my questions all the time. Any way, like I said, just drop me a PM if you will. Thanks in advance.