I've only heard about how Behringer pedals ripped off a bunch of other companie's pedals, but is the sound good on them? Or is it the savings in the price balanced with a crappier sound? Thanks
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I have the ulrta metal pedal, and for 30 bucks, it's actually pretty good. I also have a Boss DS-1 pedal and I still use the Behringer one from time to time. It sounds great with my Les Paul.
Behringer pedals sound decent for the price and for what they are. but the quality is crap. lol
Yup, I have a Beringer GM108 amp and some pedals and they are great!
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behringer are absolute ****, only buy one if you want to emulate a super nintendo, I've got one of their amp simulators, decided it was crap and that I'd sell it for half price, and guess what, nobody bought it, nobody else is stupid enough to buy it at even half the price I paid for it, I kept the power adapter and shoved the pedal far, far away from sight
They did just copy other companies pedals basically. Most boutique builders do the same thing though, so whatever. Shoddy quality.
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They have very nice sounds for the price, but the build quality is pretty bad. I guess if you dont stomp hard on your pedals then they are a good introduction to effects for someone on a budget.
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well Evidently I am on a budget... Just figuring out if that reverb was worth a shot for the price its at...

or even the delay pedal if upgrade my amp to one that has reverb inbuilt.



I'm not to bothered about build quality, I don't abuse gear, just need something useable for putting my acoustic into and vocals at a shot, for recording purporses.
theyre stop boxes pedals arent bad but OMG i have the xvamp mulit fx pdals, and **** its soo bad. teh only godo thing (and actualyl it sodusn amazing) is the clean tone emulation, sodusn just leika fender deville with sum tweaking. the distortion amp simpulation is utter crap, sodusn extremly fake and "distant" the effectrs arent that bad tho
behringer stomp boxes sound awesome. they cheaped out on the body of it to keep prices down. but the sound is great.
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Thanks for the replies, since I've pretty gentle with my gear, I think I'll go that way. One other thing, what about their amps? I'm looking at the V-Tone GM212, 120 watts for about $300 Canadian... any thoughts?
Yes, get the amp.

My dad is a behinger dealer and gets them in and I got to test a model and man it was awesome. Sounds really nice.
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there pedals are good and so are their bass amps but their guitar amps SUCKSUCKSUCKSUCK dont ever buy one i did and my god that was a wasteof 100$
Well I can't judge the amps (I've never played through one) but I've got the Ultra-Flanger pedal, and for $40.00, it's pretty damn decent.
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