jst wondering if not using ur pinky much when playing pentatonics and stuff really matters. cz i use my index and ring finger almost all the time.
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Yeah it matters, you won't be reaching your potential as a guitar player if you don't use your pinky.
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dude ya gotta get youre pinky involved as much and as soon as possible.
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ya i agree on the pinky thing, but hey look at clapton, he barely ever uses it.
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it doesnt hurt while you do pentatonics but once you move on to full on diatonic scales it will kill you in the long run. do it.
If you make your pinky real strong it will help in play that kind of stuff.
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yeah, about half a year ago i had to get my pinky used to playing.. i was playing with only my ring, middle and index finger.. that pinky will open up a whole new world for you.. if someone cut of my pinky now.. i dont know what i'd do..