Since Social D has become my as-of-the-moment favorite band, Ive been looking to pick up an album or two. What is the best one?
i agree^. dont get sex love rocknroll yet until uve heard their earlier stuff. but ther self-titled is ther best and most classic i think
Mommy's Little Monster and Prison Bound.

though those may be acquired tastes for some (who characterize SD in a certain way based on the majority of their songs) because they're more straight brand punk than everything else that followed.
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I like:

Phobos (he oozes cool)

Misfits and AC/DC Covers + original recordings (jazz/punk, hardcore, "shredish").
Yeah, my favorite is Mommy's Little Monster. One of my all time favorite albums. The rest of their work didn't capture me quite as much (from what I've heard of it)
The RipOuts snotty punk rock

Got my leather jacket on and my mind is gone

Baby drop that needle, we can dance all night.
Dammit everyone says something different

Okay new question: What album would be best to buy for someone who owns no SD albums?
It's hard to say. The old stuff and the new stuff are really two diffrent sounds. Old stuff is straight up, in your face balls to the wall punk. But the new stuff is more a bar room rock n' roll feel. I'd check out White Light, White heat, White trash. It was the first one I had heard... (Found it in my dad's collection). Though I personaly think the old songs, played today, sound awsome. So maybe you could go with Live at the Roxy. But I think I would definately recommend White light, White heat, White trash. It's a really great album
Like the two dudes said at the beginning of this post... The self-titled album is the best one.
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