what kind of acoustics are good for $600 and lower?
i was looking into Takamine,Fender,Epiphone,Ovation, and CF Taylor
please give price and exact model

for under 1000 dollers thats pretty much the best sounding guitar brand you can get.
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takamine definately. i wont buy any other kind. but i would raise the price range some if you really want a good one.

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in your price range i would toss out taylor (cf taylor?? did you mean cf martin?). i'm not a big fan of fender or epiphone either. i'd probably reccomend takamine and alvarez for a great $600 guitar.
For $600, you can get a all solid wood Alvarez. The MD60 has a cedar top and mahogany sides, and has a nice warm sound to it, and retails for $600.

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Yeah Alvarez rocks. I agree. Takamine is another good brand as well. My advise to you though would be to just wander the store looking for guitars in your price range and play as many of them as you like until you find the one you like.

That said, I've had a very good experience with Alvarez guitars, and I would recommend them if you're looking for specific brands.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot the price and model--I have an RD8, and it only cost me $260 with a hard case.
if you are new to acoustic and are accustomed to an electric, you may want to try an ovation celebrity CS257. its in the $400 price range, but the super shallow bowl makes it feel like an electric. be forewarned though, it dosent have the best unplugged sound(while still good), but plugged in, its really nice, sounding like much more expensive acoustics.
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two words when looking for a guitar that everyone forgot to mention. SOLID TOP.